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Making Amazon work for your brand

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So, you’re a brand owner selling products to Amazon via Vendor Central; and as you try (and largely fail) to maximise your opportunities, you’re undoubtedly getting frustrated with the channel.

Amazon doesn't make it easy for you with baffling terminology and infuriating processes. There’s also that wizard-like ability to snaffle extra margin from you at every opportunity. Overzealous competitors and resellers don’t help either.

But all is not lost. Our experience of the above means we’re perfectly placed to make sure brands like yours thrive. You’ll get a firm grip on the channel through our five pillars:- brand, catalogue, operations, marketing & data.

In fact, we’re the only Amazon agency dedicated to Vendor Central. We’ve created our own profit-focussed analytics platform for it and our team is made up of former Vendor managers. So, we totally understand the channel because we helped build it.

Our mission is to support brands on Amazon by turning it into a profitable, predictable and more fulfilling channel. And for some, we’ve made it their largest. Simba Dickie (#3 toy group in Europe) experienced a 26% revenue uplift after working with us for just nine months.

Whatever your product line, we will address all the challenges you’re experiencing. We’ll stem revenue loss, identify new opportunities and work with you to craft a sustainable growth strategy. Why not get in touch for a no obligation account audit?

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In-house (not out-sourced) expertise

Our CEO James Wakefield developed our robust marketing processes from the ground up after realising that the significance of brand and product integrity was severely underestimated by brand owners and other agencies when it came to Amazon.

James is a strong believer that Amazon should be treated as an extension of a client’s brand, not be compromised by it. But all too often he sees the single most important touchpoint - customer facing product listings - neglected or totally ignored within the context of a brand’s “Amazon strategy”.

Product and brand representation should always come first. Take a look at your competition and ask yourself if your existing Amazon agency is really on top of this?

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