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Welcome to Vendor+

When you get invited to become an Amazon vendor all the ecommerce lights go on and a bright future awaits you.

You’ve worked hard to build your retail business over many years and finally you’ve been recognised as the success you know you are by the biggest online retailer on the planet; they finally want a piece of what you’ve got.

All of the above is true, but what no-one will have told you is it can be a challenging transition.

We’re here to make that transition a seamless experience.

Our passion for the digital revolution translates to a pragmatic drive for Amazon vendor channel growth that’s never at the expense of your brand and it’s hard-earned values. The data driven, nurturing approach we take delivers a forward thinking mindset always working to strengthen, and enhance, your brand, it’s values and bottom line.

James Wakefield – CEO WAKE Commerce


Drive revenue & brand awareness without breaking your budget

We help brands grow their advertising sustainably via Amazon’s ever expanding range of advertising options

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Amazon Advertising

The competition on Amazon’s digital shelf is fierce with tens’ of thousands of products listed and more coming on stream everyday.

To cut through the noise using Amazon’s advertising offering is essential. To say it’s complex is an understatement of the highest magnitude.

Amazon Solution

There are guides, but the guides assume some pre-knowledge of the advertising programme.

If you’re new to Amazon or just a busy CMO with little time to study the learning curve is steep, especially if you consider the mass of generated data that needs analysing and acting on.

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WAKE Enhanced Solution

Accurate, detailed and reliable reports showing clear routes to spending your Amazon advertising budgets in the most effective way.

Using a data driven, consultant led strategy we’ll make sure that your data is working relentlessly to deliver analysis that is both meaningful and actionable.

Brand Presence

In the Ecommerce jungle your brand is everything and needs protecting obsessively.

Beset on all sides by marauding hordes of scammers and scalpers, and your products being sold by all and sundry, you need to strengthen your brand defenses and take steps to repel the invasion.

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Amazon Solution

Amazon Brand Registry is a great way to protect your registered brand but it’s pretty ‘mono’ in it’s ability to monitor and track infringements, unregistered sellers and inventory issues.

There’s advice from your vendor manager if you want to stump up the £150k annual fee, but no-one to do the work.

WAKE Enhanced Solution

Our consultant led brand building strategies are data driven, and rely on our obsessive attention to detail.

Nothing is left to chance in our work to protect your brand including scanning for unauthorised sellers, brand infringements and a stringent Amazon reporting policy. policy

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Product Listing Optimisation

Everything to do with an Amazon product listing should be geared towards gaining maximum glances and purchases.

If you’re products aren’t optimised in all the right places like, images, descriptions, titles you don’t stand a chance of being anywhere near the top of a search results page.

Amazon Solution

As always with Amazon, there’s a little information about listing optimisation that’s difficult to find.

There are also 100’s of shouty YouTube channels telling you the correct way to optimise, but there’s no-one with the necessary expertise and current Amazon experience who can get the job done.

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WAKE Enhanced Solution

Our team of experienced copywriters, photographers, technical authors and Amazon A9 Search experts craft the perfect listing for your products.

Their practical experience, honed over years and years of working with Amazon’s proprietory search engine gives your listings the push they deserve.

International Expansion

You’ve cracked your own territory, now the rest of the world beckons. Amazon have operations in over fifty countries with a potential audience in the millions.

It’s not as simple as listing your products on a different website in a different language. What about cultural differences?

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Amazon Solution

Well, as usual there isn’t one and it’s sink or swim time if you don’t get any help.

In fact we can say, hand on heart, that it’s not only impossible to list products in other countries, it’s even more complex when you start talking about your brand. And how on earth are you going to combat unauthorised sellers in Germany?

Vendor+ Enhanced Solution

At WAKE our international team of consultants have a cumulative 75 years experience working with Amazon in international markets.

And this really shows when you need to launch in different markets; our pre-planning is meticulous and our plan execution is almost military in it’s precision. Above all we’ll help you be successful.

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100% Data on any SKU – INSTANTLY

When you look for data in Vendor central it’s like trying to find a needle in a haystack.

ASIN Detective

Imagine a single view of any SKU that shows you all it’s data. Nothing hidden # instant access

With ASIN Detective we’ve found the needle and organised the hay into a neat roadmap ready for you to both see your ASIN data clearly, and take decisive action if you need to.

Listings not performing, too many chargebacks, too much revenue leakage – see it all at a glance just waiting for you to take any necessary action.