All you ever wanted to know about Amazon Advertising

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Jeff Bezos has transformed Amazon into an e-commerce powerhouse. And fair play to him – he’s not stopping there! Now, he’s giving his patrons the opportunity to feed off his resounding success. Amazon offers a raft of paid advertising options to sellers that help to leverage awareness of your brand and products, grow your reputation […]

Amazon Glossary

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One of the most valuable resources you’ll need when starting your Amazon journey, much like the Highway Code, when you’re learning to drive, is a list of Amazon acronyms and other terminology*. 3P – Third-party seller. A business that sells a product that is not their own brand or product. Sellers, using Seller Central, sell product directly to […]

Are Consumers More Likely to Buy from Amazon than other online retailers?

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Before I start I’m going to share some staggering statistics about Amazon and it’s dominance of the online retail sector. The statistics also illustrate how popular Amazon really is. I’ll also draw the veil back slightly and show you who Amazon customers are really buying from, and some reasons why the juggernaut that is Amazon […]

What is Amazon FBA

Amazon FBA

Yes, What is Amazon FBA? Acronyms are great, if you know what they mean. If you don’t they can be really, really annoying. You start to read something and pretty soon you hit ‘I started using BBHNG, after trying NNHIJ, but found that the PPPOKI was a far better proposition, so I stuck with the […]

Why you need a specialist Amazon agency to kickstart your Amazon Vendor business

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If you’ve asked yourself the question “why do I need an Amazon agency to help me make the most of my new Amazon Vendor relationship”, I’ve surfaced below some of the challenges you’ll face in your soon to be successful (think positively) relationship with Amazon. Like the early days of a marriage, blissfully exciting, but […]

What is the Amazon Buy Box, and why you need to get it for your products

Amazon Buy Box

What is the Amazon Buy Box, and why you need to get it for your products In the first in our series of articles debunking the mysteries of how Amazon works for sellers, we’re looking at the Amazon BUY BOX, perhaps the most mysterious gizmo of all; we often hear the woeful cry from sellers […]