Amazon Vendor Central vs Seller Central – How to choose the right channel

Amazon Vendor Central

Amazon operates a two-tier system that differentiates between the businesses that Amazon are supplied by, called Vendors (typically brand owners), and what they call Sellers (typically resellers and retailers) that sell on Amazon Marketplace. In a nutshell, Vendors sell wholesale to Amazon who then retails on the Amazon websites. On the other hand, Sellers sell under their own name […]

Optimise your Amazon listings to rank higher and convert more visitors to buyers

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Amazon is now the most powerful retail channel in the western world, yet brands and merchants commonly overlook key principles when marketing their products on there. Amazon listing optimisation can really help. Crafting a high-quality product listing is the most important aspect of achieving success on Amazon.  Consideration needs to be given to how Amazon’s […]

How to get the best from Amazon SEO in 2021

Amazon SEO

Make sure your Amazon SEO is top notch for 2021 The competition in the Amazon marketplace is fierce. Unless you understand how to perform SEO for Amazon’s A10 search engine, you cannot expect customers to find your product pages. A common mistake marketers make is trying to drive as many visitors to their product pages […]

How do I find a good Amazon agency?

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If you find a good Amazon agency it could pay real dividends While 2020 has certainly been a tumultuous year, it hasn’t been without its winners.  As many businesses stalled during the pandemic, internet giant, Amazon, continued its march toward world domination in terms of ecommerce.  In the first quarter of 2020, Amazon recorded a […]

How Amazon exerts influence over brands

How Amazon Exerts influence over brands

Can Amazon exert influence over your brand? Yes, Amazon is the biggest online retailer in the world, and yes we all want to share in the incredible opportunities selling on Amazon provides, but there are some caveats, particularly for mature brands. First, let me give you some history of Amazon, and perhaps more importantly, Amazon […]

FMCG and the future of retail – can Amazon really make it work?

Amazon and FMCG brands

The consensus in the food industry is that FMCG, or Fast Moving Consumer Goods, is the front line of retailing. Rather like the infantry, the FMCG’s are the lean, quick to market products that businesses can utilise to take advantage of trends, follow trends, or more and more, create trends. And perhaps most importantly, translate […]