Amazon Vendor Central Management for brands

Vendor Central is your priority channel for growth, but it’s not being managed effectively. Lean on the Vendor experts for sustainable growth.

Channel Management

Vendor Central is complex and demanding. Lean on the industry experts (yes us) as much or as little as you need to make it run more smoothly.

Vendor+ Analytics

The most sophisticated Business Intelligence tool available for Vendor Central, helping you stem revenue loss & identify new opportunities.

Brand Strategy

Amazon should be treated as an extension of your brand; not be compromised by it. Everything we do on the channel is focused on the integrity and consistency of your brand.

Brand Protection

If third party sellers have run away with your listings and are devaluing your brand, we will instil some discipline back into the channel.

Fulfilment & Operations

Delivery times, correct labelling, shipment requirements, palletisation; all of these elements can make or break a Vendor account and efficiency is essential. We can help you implement better systems and processes to grow your Vendor account sustainably.

Chargebacks & Terms

Amazon are pretty good at levying charges you weren’t expecting or don’t understand. It’s an issue that can soon get out of control if not managed effectively. We can help you improve the efficiency of your account, appeal chargebacks and negotiate terms.

Realise the full potential of your Vendor Central channel

WAKE are the industry experts

The process

Using our bespoke data platforms, we’ll determine your brand’s potential. Then maximise its chance of success on Amazon.



Achieve sustainable growth with channel management, data insights & brand building strategies.

After strategic insight and careful planning, we will launch (or re-launch) your brand on Vendor Central.


An extensive look into your catalogue and category will determine your Amazon potential.

Case Study


Toys & Games


Amazon Vendor Central

Channel Management

Vendor+ Analytics

Brand Strategy

Brand Protection

Fulfilment & Operations

“We are part of the fourth biggest toy group in Europe but our Amazon operation had been lagging for several years. It was achieving less than a tenth of the revenue of our German & French counterparts and we obviously weren’t happy about this.

We engaged with WAKE in 2019 and made a plan to increase revenue by several million pounds within two years. We are currently ahead of this target.

Firstly, we completely overhauled our catalogue of 300 products. WAKE created brand new, professionally written content for all our listings with target keywords – making sure our products showed up in more searches. Next, an in-depth brand-building exercise made our offering more visible to buyers than our competitors.

WAKE also helped with operational areas; introducing usable stock demand forecasting. This improved our poor PO acceptance rate of just 48% by finally being able to predict what Amazon were going to order from us. Together, we also identified products that weren’t generating revenue due to our pricing or Amazon actually sourcing from alternative Vendors. We now have much better coverage and sell-through of our core range.

Our business and clientele has changed dramatically over the past five years and we now understand that Amazon can be tricky to manage. The WAKE team have helped us identify our internal strengths but also allowed us to lean on them in those areas we simply don’t understand.”

Richard Belford
Managing Director

Before Optimisation

After Optimisation

Overall Conversion Rate

Advertising Performance

Sponsored Brand & Product ad placements provide Munchy Seeds with brand dominance on their own branded searches and high opportunity keywords, providing a sustainable ROI that also contributes to organic growth by exposing their products to new customers.

Significant increase in search visibility & conversion

22% Revenue increase after 9 month engagement

Effective Advertising strategy with excellent ROI

In-house (not out-sourced) expertise

Our PPC director Alex has over eight years experience managing high level Amazon Advertising campaigns and heads up our team of Amazon PPC specialists.

He isn’t afraid to dig in to precisely determine the ROI of different proportions of your campaigns, all the way back to the keyword level.

Alex is a hands-on strategist, refusing to be taken in by flashy platforms that promise “campaign automation”.

If you’re ready to exploit the opportunities presented by Amazon Advertising, please book in for a chat.

Brands owning their Vendor channel, thanks to WAKE

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