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Amazon Advertising Management for Brands

Achieve maximum brand exposure, category domination and return on investment with our Amazon Advertising strategies.

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Promote individual product listings directly in Amazon’s search results to high-intent shoppers with CPC advertising.

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Go one step further with headline ads that promote your brand, storefront & three products at the top of Amazon search.

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Target & re-target customers on and off Amazon who have previously engaged with your listings or similar products.

Comprehensive and unique supply

Amazon DSP

Engage specific audiences with ads that lead back to your Amazon listings or your own website using Amazon’s Demand Side Platform.

Drive revenue & brand awareness without breaking your budget

We help brands grow their advertising sustainably via Amazon’s ever expanding range of advertising options

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Improved Visibility on brand terms and keywords

Improved visibility on brand terms & target keywords

Insights and measurement

114% Revenue increase after starting advertising

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Increased Market Share via selective placements

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Sponsored Brand & Product ad placements provide Munchy Seeds with brand dominance on their own branded searches and high opportunity keywords.

This provides a sustainable ROI that also contributes to organic growth by exposing their products to new customers.

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In-house (not out-sourced) expertise

Our PPC director Alex has over eight years experience managing high level Amazon Advertising campaigns and heads up our team of Amazon PPC specialists.

He isn’t afraid to dig in to precisely determine the ROI of different proportions of your campaigns, all the way back to the keyword level.

Alex is a hands-on strategist, refusing to be taken in by flashy platforms that promise “campaign automation”.

If you’re ready to exploit the opportunities presented by Amazon Advertising, please book in for a chat.

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