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We’ll navigate chargebacks, perfect your pricing, streamline operations, ace negotiations, and do everything for you… leading you straight to consistent 5 & 6-figure months on Amazon.

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Struggling To Make Vendor Central Profitable?

  • If you’ve been at it for a while you’ve probably faced dwindling margins from chargebacks & shortages, restrictive pricing, obscured profitability, and nerve-wracking annual negotiations.

  • Add to that the operational snags and the convoluted platform, you can understand why many brands give up on Vendor Central. But with our help, you can turn this untapped channel into your biggest profit driver.

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The only channel management solution built specifically for Amazon Vendors

unlock your true vendor
central potential

  • Craft and execute a channel strategy closely with your team
  • Bridge gaps in their capabilities by tapping into ours
  • Unlock profitable growth
  • Eliminate margin leak
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Case Study

Clients saw average 29.3% YoY growth in 2023 with

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22 years Amazon experience
Account Director
9 years Amazon experience
Commercial Director
30 years NAM experience
Account Manager
Amazon Brand Builder

Strategic Vendor Account Management

Work with the most experienced Vendor team in the world.

  • Build a profitable Vendor channel with our expert Vendor Management team, tailored to your business model and backed by comprehensive support.
  • Master your commercial relationship with Amazon, from trade terms to profitability, ensuring mutual success.
  • Navigate trade term negotiations with seasoned professionals who decode Amazon's strategies for you.
  • Drive decisions with our exclusive reporting suite that dissects your Amazon operations and speaks your language.
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Brand Management

Streamline your brand and distribution strategy to enhance your brand integrity on Amazon.

  • Address the challenges of unauthorised resellers, product listings, and pricing to protect your brand.
  • Ensure every touchpoint is in your control and on brand
  • Work with our content team to create impactful Amazon-specific brand content, from product graphics to advertising assets.
  • Track your brand's performance against competitors and within your product segment with comprehensive brand share analysis.
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Catalogue & Support Management

Maximise the potential of your Vendor Catalog with our team of former Amazon specialists.

  • Simplify product launches without the hassle of monstrous spreadsheets
  • Efficiently manage and control your product catalogue
  • Swiftly resolve issues without the need for Amazon support
  • Enrich your catalogue data to improve performance and shopper experience.
  • Monitor individual product performance and guard against unauthorised content changes or Lost Buy Box.
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Advertising & Deals Management

Amazon Advertising is becoming more and more crucial for your brand's success on the platform…

Unfortunately, too many Vendors fail to allocate adequate resources, leading to poorly managed campaigns and wasted spend.

With Vendor+, you’ll gain access to our dedicated marketing team and Amazon Ads specialists to develop a logical and profitable advertising strategy that capitalises on:

  • Sponsored Product, Brand & Display ads
  • Sponsored Video placements
  • DSP Advertising management
  • Deal placements and recommendations
  • Strategies for off channel marketing
  • Amazon Attribution
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Operational Efficiency

Maximise operational efficiency and meet Amazon's inbound requirements with our specialist Operations team:

  • Optimise order and shipment processing with improved workflows and automation
  • Implement efficient labelling workflows and case pack configurations
  • Resolve catalogue-based errors causing issues or bottlenecks at the receive stage
  • Audit historical issues to address chargebacks, shortage claims, and price claims.
Group 1171275829

Data & Analytics

Unlock the full potential of your Amazon Vendor Central account with our intuitive analytics solutions.

Simplify multi-country metrics with user-friendly dashboards, replacing complex Excel and AVS reports

  • Understand consumer behaviour and boost revenue using Amazon's traffic and conversion metrics
  • Identify trends and optimization opportunities for effective data-driven advertising
  • Track ASIN performance metrics, including shipped COGS, units, revenue, and profit margins
  • Customise reports for a detailed view of sourcing and manufacturing, ensuring comprehensive sell-out data insights
Group 1171275468

Chargeback & Shortage Claim Recovery

Here's something Amazon won't shout from the rooftops: their automated systems for scanning and reconciling inbound Vendor stock are far from perfect.

The worst part? Vendors bear the brunt through exaggerated and inaccurate fines and disputing them is notoriously complex, which is why we built ProfitGuard.

  • Initial 5 year shortage claim audit, with potential to recover all charges over that period
  • Initial 1 year chargeback audit, with potential to recover recent chargebacks

What makes WAKE different

>50% former Amazon employees
Vendor Central specialism
Dedicated catalogue team
Dedicated finops team
Dedicated Amazon Ads & DSP team
Dedicated content team
Advanced term negotiation support
Total support ticket management
Proprietary Vendor Central monitoring
Buy Box & market share monitoing
AVS, EDI, PICS & automation support
Vendor training & client worksops
Strong commercial and P&L focus

Who Do We help?


Struggling to unlock your brand's full Vendor Central potential? Don't let your competition steal all your customers. Get in the race and become #1.


Don't know how to move forward and make Amazon profitable? We've helped Commercial Directors just like you turn Amazon Vendor Central from their biggest problem to their biggest profit driver.


If you don't have time to shape a Vendor Central strategy because of all the daily fires you have to put out, don't fear... there's a way forward.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Vendor+ different from other Amazon agency services?

Vendor+ is the only channel management solution built specifically for Amazon Vendors. Our team of ex-Amazon insiders brings unparalleled expertise to navigate the complexities of Vendor Central, ensuring your brand's success on this unique platform.

How can Vendor+ help me overcome the challenges of chargebacks and shortages?

Our dedicated FinOps team, with their insider knowledge of Amazon's systems, will audit your account, identify discrepancies, and work tirelessly to recover any funds owed to you. We'll also provide guidance on preventing future chargebacks and shortages.

Can Vendor+ assist with the complex pricing strategies on Vendor Central?

Absolutely. Our team will analyze your product pricing, considering factors like profitability, competitiveness, and Amazon's dynamic pricing model. We'll develop and implement a pricing strategy that protects your margins while maintaining your brand's integrity.

How does Vendor+ streamline my Vendor Central operations?

We'll work closely with your team to optimise your order processing, inventory management, and shipment workflows. Our goal is to improve your operational efficiency, reduce errors, and ensure compliance with Amazon's strict requirements.

Will Vendor+ help me navigate AVNs (Annual Vendor Negotiations) with Amazon?

Yes, our team of seasoned professionals will be by your side during these critical negotiations.

We'll help you understand Amazon's strategies, prepare compelling arguments, and strive for mutually beneficial terms that support your brand's long-term success on the platform.

What kind of reporting and analytics does Vendor+ provide?

Our proprietary reporting suite goes beyond Amazon's standard reports. We provide intuitive, customisable dashboards that give you a clear, comprehensive view of your Vendor Central performance.

From granular ASIN-level insights to aggregated brand performance metrics, we'll help you make data-driven decisions.

How does Vendor+ support my brand's presence on Amazon?

We take a holistic approach to brand management on Amazon.

From optimising your product listings and creating compelling A+ content to monitoring your brand's performance against competitors, we'll ensure your brand is well-represented and protected on the platform.

Can Vendor+ help me manage my advertising campaigns on Amazon?

Definitely. Our dedicated marketing team, including Amazon Advertising specialists, will develop and execute a comprehensive advertising strategy.

We'll leverage Sponsored ads, Amazon DSP, and other promotional opportunities to maximise your brand's visibility and drive sales.

How does Vendor+ differ from Amazon Vendor Services (AVS)?

While AVS provides some support, it's not a comprehensive solution.

Vendor+ goes above and beyond, offering in-depth strategic guidance, hands-on account management, and proactive problem-solving.

We fill the gaps left by AVS to ensure your success, and at a much lower cost.

What kind of results can I expect with Vendor+?

Every brand is unique, but our clients typically see significant improvements in profitability, operational efficiency, and overall sales growth.

In 2023, our clients saw an average year-over-year revenue growth of 29.3% with Vendor+.

How does the onboarding process work with Vendor+?

We start with a deep dive into your current Vendor Central setup, identifying areas of opportunity and potential challenges.

From there, we'll work with you to develop a tailored strategy and execution plan.

What level of involvement is required from my team?

We aim to be an extension of your team, not a replacement. Your input and collaboration are key to the success of our partnership.

However, we'll handle the heavy lifting of Vendor Central management, freeing up your team to focus on other critical aspects of your business.

How does Vendor+ handle the complexities of a hybrid selling model (both Vendor Central and Seller Central)?

While we generally recommend focusing on one platform for optimal results, we understand that a hybrid model is useful in certain circumstances.

In these cases, we'll work to develop a cohesive strategy that aligns your efforts across both platforms, while mitigating potential conflicts.

Can Vendor+ help me expand my Amazon business internationally?

Yes, we have extensive experience in helping brands navigate the complexities of international expansion on Amazon, particularly with Pan-EU Vendor setups.

From managing multiple Vendor Central accounts to optimising your product listings and advertising campaigns for different markets, we'll support your global growth strategy.

How can I learn more about Vendor+ and get started?

We'd love to learn more about your brand and discuss how Vendor+ can support your Amazon success.

Simply reach out to us by clicking the button on the left. Our team will be in touch to discuss your needs and develop a tailored proposal.