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Do you even know how much money you’re losing every month?

From chargebacks to shortage claims and invoice issues… all these challenges relentlessly chip away at your profit margins.

Navigating the dispute process and talking to Amazon to get your money back can feel like an uphill battle.

Everything’s so complex and confusing, you don’t even know where to start.

But imagine if you had a strategic partner that would handle all of this for you, without charging anything upfront…

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There’s A Reason Why Amazon logo Disputes Are
So Difficult…

You probably didn’t know this but, Amazon's complex chargeback process and outdated automation infrastructure are not just operational hurdles… they're a profit-making machine.

Each year, Amazon banks billions from fines imposed on its Vendors for a range of issues, from unjust chargebacks to inventory discrepancies.

It's a system designed with complexity in mind, hoping that Vendors will find the process too daunting to reclaim their rightful earnings.

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But here's where ProfitGuard steps in…

We understand the intricacies of Amazon's system and know how to navigate it effectively because our ProfitGuard team is made up of former Amazon employees who worked in the ‘FinOps’ departments responsible for these charges.

With us as your ally, you can rest assured that we will tirelessly work to recover every penny owed to you.

Our expertise means you don't have to get entangled in the convoluted dispute process.

Instead, you can focus on growing your business while we secure the funds that should have never left your pocket in the first place.


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Don’t Fight Against Amazon logo Unless You Want To Lose…

  • Amazon's complex system is designed to challenge Vendors. Don't let it hold you back.
  • Because your brand deserves its rightful earnings. But trying to fight against Amazon is not the way to go. Instead…
  • Streamline your operations and dispute fines effortlessly with ProfitGuard.
  • We're here to reclaim what's rightfully yours

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Introducing ProfitGuard: Your Key to
Effortless Amazon logo Chargeback Recovery

Maximise your profits
Maximise Your Profits

ProfitGuard is designed to tackle the headaches of Amazon chargebacks and shortage claims. Our expert team conducts a thorough audit, identifies errors, and recovers your lost revenue.

No Upfront Investment
No Upfront Investment

Experience the power of ProfitGuard without any initial financial commitment. We only charge a flat 15% fee on the money we successfully recover for you, making us a cost-effective solution compared to the industry standard of 25-30%.

Comprehensive Coverage
Comprehensive Coverage

We don't just focus on recent disputes. ProfitGuard delves up to 5 years back to reclaim your rightful earnings from past shortage claims, ensuring you recoup every penny you're owed.

Effortless Process
Effortless Process

Leave the complexity of disputing Amazon's charges to us. Our streamlined approach means you can focus on growing your business while we recover your funds.

Rapid Results
Maximise Your Profits

With ProfitGuard, you could see the bulk of your historic charges recovered within just 3 months. It's time to stop leaving money on the table and boost your bottom line.


Who Do We help?


    Struggling to unlock your brand's full Vendor Central potential? Don't let your competition steal all your customers. Get in the race and become #1.


    Don't know how to move forward and make Amazon profitable? We've helped Commercial Directors just like you turn Amazon Vendor Central from their biggest problem to their biggest profit driver.


    If you don't have time to shape a Vendor Central strategy because of all the daily fires you have to put out, don't fear... there's a way forward.

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This is why we can virtually
Guarantee we’ll transform Vendor
Central into your BEST channel...

Launch & Scale Faster With A Unique Strategy
Launch & Scale Faster With A Unique Strategy

We’ll rapidly scale your brand on Amazon with a tailor-made strategy, so you can leave competitors behind and experience unstoppable growth.

We Will Run Your Amazon  Channel For You
We Will Run Your Amazon
Channel For You

Enjoy peace of mind knowing your business is running smoothly without you… and that we've streamlined your operations to save time, money, and effort

Done For You Traffic & Sales
Done For You Traffic & Sales

Witness the power of perfectly chosen keywords that attract your ideal customers to your product listings

Let Us Unlock Your Brand’s  True Potential
Let Us Unlock Your Brand’s  True Potential

We’ll help you stop wasting your resources by uncovering hidden inefficiencies in your account. So you can watch your sales skyrocket as we unlock your brand's true potential

Become #1 In Your Category
Become #1 In Your Category

Gain deep insights into your category's potential, and visualise the untapped possibilities waiting for you in your market. So you can become the category leader in no time

Guide Customers To The Perfect Products
Guide Customers To The Perfect Products

We’ll streamline and optimise your product catalogue to maximise visibility, conversions, and sales.

What will you choose?

If you're struggling to make Vendor Central profitable, you have two options...

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  • Option #1:

    Continue as you are. Fighting fires, underselling your brand, fretting about the competition, feeling overwhelmed...

    And just hoping everything will work out in the end.

  • Option #2:

    You can have an Amazon Vendor Central account that runs like clockwork, churning out predictable and sustainable profits, without you being there.

    If you're ready to shift from obscurity to bottomless profits on Vendor Central... ready to uncover all the hidden opportunities and turn it into your biggest profit driver…

    Then let us transform your brand's Vendor Central results.

    Click the button below to begin tapping into Vendor Central’s full potential.

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