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Our team of ex-Amazon insiders will make your brand the #1 choice on the platform

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Amazon logo Isn't
Driving The Sales You Expected

You’re not alone. For most brands, Amazon is like a puzzle with missing pieces.

Your days are filled with trying to get your products noticed, tweaking listings with no clear results, and feeling lost in Amazon's ever-changing rules.

The good news is, grabbing shoppers’ attention, driving sales up, and making your brand a top choice on Amazon is way easier than you think…

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Dominate Amazon logo With Listing Content That Ranks

Every Amazon success story is built on effective merchandising. We craft product listings that are not just visible but irresistibly engaging.

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  • Elevate your products with advanced keyword optimisation, ensuring they stand out in a crowded marketplace
  • Attract potential customers with a unique blend of visual charm and compelling storytelling, making your products irresistible
  • Boost your brand's visibility on Amazon with content that does more than inform – it entices and persuades, setting you apart from competitors
  • Align your products with your ideal customer's search habits, creating a seamless and persuasive shopping experience
  • Turn your product features into irresistible benefits, making them a must-have for your target audience.
  • Surge your sales with content that gets seen and gets buyers – driving up your conversion rates on Amazon

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Capture Your Customer's Attention and Desire With High-Quality Product Imagery

In today's fast-paced digital world, your target customer's attention span is shorter than ever. They make purchasing decisions visually, and that's where we come in.

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  • We’ll create primary product visuals that mirror exactly what your customers receive, ensuring authenticity and trust
  • Our expert team designs compelling product infographics that highlight key benefits, making complex information easily digestible and appealing
  • Showcase your entire product range with clear, attractive visuals that guide customers through your offerings
  • We create brand-based images that powerfully communicate your unique positioning and values, resonating with your target audience.
  • We ensure your visuals do more than just attract; they efficiently answer customer queries, leading to faster decision-making and satisfaction.

Unlock Your Amazon Potential Today

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Share Your Unique Story
With Enhanced Brand Content

Elevate your brand presence on Amazon with ContentStudio's enhanced brand content services, leveraging a variety of powerful content types to captivate your audience and drive results.

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  • A+ Content: Showcase your brand and products with visually stunning A+ Content blending persuasive copy, high-quality images, and engaging design elements to educate and convert shoppers.
  • Brand Story: Connect with your customers on a deeper level by sharing your unique narrative that communicates your values, mission, and sets you apart.
  • Branded Storefront: Create an immersive brand experience with a custom Amazon Storefront, making it easy for customers to explore your products and engage with your brand.
  • Product & Lifestyle Photography: Capture your products in the best possible light with professional, high-quality product and lifestyle photography. Our experts will style and shoot your products, showcasing their features and benefits in a way that resonates with your target audience.
  • Video: Bring your products to life through compelling video and motion graphics. From product demonstrations to brand stories, our video specialists will create engaging, informative videos that capture attention and drive sales.

Before & After With WAKE: From Being Invisible To #1 Search Ranking

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Will You Keep Wasting Resources On Amazon logo (1) With No Results?

Every day, millions of Amazon customers are searching for products like yours. The question is, with the vast array of choices available, can they easily find and choose your brand?

This is why you need better, high-converting listings. Just imagine your products being highlighted as Amazon bestsellers... effortlessly drawing in customers instead of being overshadowed in a crowded market.

Imagine your brand becoming the go-to choice and earning customer trust at first glance. This is what's possible when you have the right listings.

Unlock Your Amazon Potential Today

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Ready To Stand Out In A Sea Of Competitors?

Don't let the opportunity to attract and retain a loyal customer base slip away.

Just imagine the transformation... going from overlooked to outstanding... from almost no sales to Amazon bestseller. All because of your high-converting listing.

Let us guide you toward becoming the top choice for Amazon shoppers. Click the button below today.

Unlock Your Amazon Potential Today

Price List

Listing Optimisation (Text)

  • Keyword research & selection
  • Competitor & category research
  • Title, bullets & description copywriting
  • Backend search terms

Enhanced Brand Content

  • A+ Design Template (5 modules) £900
  • A+ Premium Design Template (7 modules) £1,200
  • Brand Story Module £750
  • Brand Storefront from £1000

Creative Services (Photography)

  • Product Photography from £100
  • Lifestyle Photography from £300

Listing Optimisation (Graphics)

  • Customised gallery images / infographics from £125


  • Regional keyword research & selection £75
  • Listing Translation from £75

Creative Services (Video)

  • Professionally shot & edited video from £400
  • Model hire from £50 p/h
  • Motion graphics from £60 p/h

Prices are indicative and significant cost savings can be made when generating content for products in the same grouping/product type.

Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you need to know about WAKE Content Studio.

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What does the ContentStudio service include?

ContentStudio is a comprehensive solution for optimising your Amazon listings and brand presence.

It includes in-depth keyword research, competitor analysis, creating SEO-friendly and persuasive listing copy, infographic design, A+ Content creation, Amazon Storefront design, and more.

We aim to enhance every aspect of your product listings and Amazon brand presence to drive search visibility, customer engagement, sales conversions and repeat purchases.

How does ContentStudio differ from other Amazon content optimisation services?

At ContentStudio, we differentiate ourselves through our deep understanding of the Amazon platform, our team's expertise, and our focus on delivering measurable results.

Our team includes former Amazon employees who understand the intricacies of the platform.

We don't just optimise for aesthetics; we optimise for performance, ensuring your listings are primed to rank high and convert.

Why is Amazon listing optimisation so important?

In the ultra-competitive world of Amazon, your product listings are your shopfront, your sales pitch, and your brand ambassador all rolled into one.

Optimised listings ensure your products are seen by the right customers, communicate your unique selling points effectively, and ultimately drive more sales.

It's a critical component of success on Amazon.

What kind of results can I expect from using ContentStudio?

While results can vary depending on your product, industry, and competition, our clients typically see significant improvements in their search rankings, click-through rates, and conversion rates within weeks.

Results also compound over months and years, thanks to Amazon's "flywheel" which rewards listings that have high search visibility and sales, with more search visibility and sales.

Many of our clients have seen their products rise to the top of search results for their target search terms and achieve 'Best Seller' status in their categories.

How long does it typically take to see results from optimised listings?

The impact of Amazon listing optimisation can vary significantly depending on several key factors: the competitiveness of your targeted search terms, the current level of competition in your product category, and the maturity of your existing product listing.

At ContentStudio, we take all of these factors into careful consideration when conducting our in-depth keyword research for your products.

We understand that the Amazon landscape is constantly evolving, which is why we recommend revisiting your listings every few months. This allows us to analyse which keywords are driving performance and which ones may need to be moved or replaced to maintain optimal results.

We've found that the quickest results from optimisation are often seen on product listings that already have a robust sales history, solid ratings, and established rankings. Because these listings have already proven their relevance and value to Amazon's algorithm, they tend to rank for new keywords more rapidly following optimisation.

In contrast, brand new listings typically require more time and additional support to achieve results. In these cases, other factors such as targeted advertising campaigns and proactive efforts to gather customer reviews can play a vital role in helping these listings gain traction and start ranking competitively.

Regardless of your listing's current situation or stage in its lifecycle, the ContentStudio team is well-equipped to provide expert guidance on the most effective strategy to maximise the impact of your newly optimised content.

What types of products or brands is ContentStudio most suitable for?

ContentStudio can benefit a wide array of products and brands selling on Amazon.

Whether you're a small business with a handful of products or a large enterprise with an extensive catalogue, our services can be tailored to your needs.

We have particular expertise in working with brands in grocery, FMCG, CPG, consumer goods, electronics, home & kitchen, and health & personal care.

Do I need to provide anything to get started with ContentStudio?

If you have brand guidelines, these are a must.  If not don't worry!

It is also useful if you can provide us with all the product data and information you have available on your products, to ensure we're communicating the most relevant features and benefits in an accurate way.

If you have any specific keywords you want to target or competitor listings you want to emulate, sharing those can also be helpful.

The more information you can provide about your products and target audience, the better we can optimise your listings.

How does the ContentStudio process work?

Our process starts with a deep dive into your products, your brand, and your target market.

We conduct thorough keyword research and competitor analysis to identify opportunities.

Then, our team of copywriters and designers get to work crafting compelling listing copy and creating eye-catching infographics and A+ Content.

We'll provide drafts for your approval and make any necessary revisions before finalising the content.

Will ContentStudio handle the uploading and implementation of optimised content?

Yes, our service includes uploading and implementing the optimised content to your Amazon listings.

Our expert Catalogue Team will handle all the technical aspects to ensure your new, enhanced listings are live and functional.

A common issue for Amazon Vendors and Sellers is that sometimes not all the content uploaded to their accounts reflects onto the actual product listings, but our experienced team has the relevant experience and processes to work through any issues until 100% of the content is accurately reflecting.

Can ContentStudio help with content for international Amazon markets?


We have experience optimising listings for various Amazon marketplaces around the world.

We can adapt your content to suit the language, cultural nuances, and search behaviour of your target international markets.

We always carry out keyword research at a local level, because search behaviour and the keywords shoppers use can differ hugely even between countries that speak the same language (for example the UK, US & Australia).

The markets we have most experience in include Germany, France, Italy, Spain and the United States.

How does ContentStudio stay up-to-date with Amazon's ever-changing algorithms and best practices?

Staying ahead of Amazon's changes is a core part of what we do.

Our team is constantly monitoring Amazon updates, testing new strategies, and participating in Amazon seller forums and events.

We combine this expertise with our deep platform knowledge to ensure our optimisation strategies are always in line with the latest best practices.

What if I'm not satisfied with the content created by ContentStudio?

We pride ourselves on delivering high-quality, effective content and we'll work closely with you throughout the process to ensure we're meeting your expectations.

If for any reason you're not completely satisfied with the initial drafts, we'll happily revise the content based on your feedback until you're fully satisfied (within reason).

How much do ContentStudio's services cost?

Indicative pricing is provided above and can be customised based on the specific needs and scale of your optimisation project.

We offer both per-listing pricing and package pricing for larger catalogues.

Please contact us for a personalised quote based on your requirements.

How can I get started with ContentStudio?

Getting started is easy!

Simply complete our enquiry form or email us at

We'll set up a consultation to discuss your Amazon business, your goals, and how our ContentStudio service can help you achieve them.

From there, we'll provide a customised proposal and timeline for optimising your listings.