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When you don’t know what you’re doing, Amazon is the hardest sales channel...

Everyone's fighting for attention and trying to stand out. Profit margins are almost nonexistent. And constant platform changes only make things worse.

This is why most brands who try to set up shop on Amazon only get discouraged and driven out of the platform by competition and razor-thin margins.


Source: This is Money

Amazon is poised to become the UK's largest retailer

Soon Amazon will overtake Tesco as the UK’s largest retailer. Which means that, if your business isn’t on Amazon… you’re invisible.

90% of UK shoppers expect to see your brand on Amazon. Why? Next-day free delivery and ease of purchase.

So, if you don’t know how to make Amazon work for your brand and you don’t want to fall into oblivion… then we can help.

Where do you start?

Get Amazon listings that make your products stand out

Think of your Amazon listings as your frontline sales rep. Their job is to get viewers' attention and turn it into sales.

When you have proper listings your brand will jump from obscurity to high in the search results (and bestseller status in its category)

And with WAKE, you get:

  • Cutting-edge keyword optimisation for maximum visibility
  • Sales-focused copy that turns viewers into buyers
  • Benefit-driven product graphics that drive conversions
  • Align listings with ideal customer search patterns
  • Transform features into compelling customer benefits

Strategic Amazon Channel Management

We’re not just another “agency”... we manage everything from operations, to marketing and branding, to catalogue and data.

Basically, our team of ex-Amazon insiders will take care of everything to get you an extra 5 or 6 figures in sales per month from Amazon.

All completely done for you. So you can sit back, relax, and enjoy your newfound Amazon profits.

  • We’ll turn Amazon from a money drain to your biggest profit driver
  • Get on-demand expertise across operations, marketing, brand, catalogue, and data
  • Replace confusion with clarity and watch your brand become an Amazon bestseller
  • Let us worry about Amazon while you reclaim your time and find other ways to grow your business

What success looks like with WAKE


Berry Bros. & Rudd

Beers, Wines & Spirits

WAKE is a great partner to work with on our Amazon account. Their team are helping to ensure our content is optimised and that we grow sales in-line with our business plan.

Mark Cato, National Account Manager


Cano Water


Working with WAKE has been great! Cano Water has had an incredible few years on Amazon and the team have been a large part of this and have enabled us to navigate and leverage all the marketing benefits on the platform which has lead to substantial growth.

Josh White, Co-Founder




WAKE really helped accelerate our Amazon proposition with well thought out plans and execution. The team have the right level of knowledge and application to drive sustained growth.

David Quinn, Operations Director



Baby Care

WAKE has guided us through developing our setup and offer with Amazon. Their knowledge and know how means that we have optimised our listings and driven revenue and profit. We now have a solid foundation to focus our advertising and build for the future.

Kate Miller, General Manager


Vet IQ

Pet Care

WAKE has worked with me on the improvement of my corporate relationship and business development with Amazon Vendor.
They have consistently exhibited a depth of knowledge in this area and provided advice and support that has lead to significant growth.

Simon Morris, UK Commercial Manager


Who do we help?

Struggling to unlock your brand's full Amazon potential? Don't let your competition steal all your customers. Get in the race and become #1.

Don't know how to move forward and make Amazon profitable? We've helped Commercial Directors just like you turn Amazon from their biggest problem to their biggest profit driver.

If you don't have time to shape an Amazon strategy because of all the daily fires you have to put out, don't fear... there's a way forward.

Meet your new team

Strategy & Consultancy

17 years Amazon experience

Account Director

9 years Amazon experience

Commercial Director

30 years NAM experience

Account Strategist
Content Director

ex Virgin

Senior Designer

ex Amazon

Creative Director

Ex Ogilvy

Senior Copywriter
Head of Operations

Ex Amazon catalogue team

Catalogue Lead

Ex Amazon catalogue team

Analytics Lead

Ex Amazon AVS manager

PPC Lead

9 years in Amazon PPC

Financial Specialist


This is how deep we go to ensure your success on Amazon


Launch & Scale Faster With A Unique Strategy

We’ll rapidly scale your brand on Amazon with a tailor-made strategy, so you can leave competitors behind and experience unstoppable growth.


We Will Run Your Amazon Channel With You

Get the support you need to focus your limited internal resources most effectively, whilst we do the heavy lifting and drive the strategy.


Become Operationally Efficient

Streamline your operations to save time, money, and effort.  Improve inventory, order and shipment efficiency.


Gain Deep Insights Into Your Category’s Potential

Visualise the untapped possibilities and opportunities waiting for you in your market, and finally become the leader in your category.

power 1

Unearth Powerful Keywords

Drive more traffic and sales to your products with perfectly-chosen keywords that attract your ideal customers to your product listings.


Optimise Your Catalogue

Streamline and optimise your product catalogue to maximise visibility and conversions, by guiding customers to the perfect product for their needs, every time.


Turn Browsers Into Buyers

Make your product listings irresistible and entice customers to click the “Buy Now” button without a second thought by using compelling and persuasive copy.


Stand Out From The Competition

Expertly position your products as the go-to choice for consumers and attract ideal customers who can’t resist the value and quality you offer.

If you're struggling to make Amazon profitable, you have two options...

Option #1:

Continue as you are. Fighting fires, underselling your brand, fretting about the competition, feeling overwhelmed...

And just hoping everything will work out in the end.



Option #2:

You can have an Amazon account that runs like clockwork, churning out predictable and sustainable profits, without you being there.

If you're ready to shift from obscurity to bottomless profits on Amazon... ready to uncover all the hidden opportunities and become #1 in your category...

Then let us transform your brand's Amazon results.

Click the button below to begin tapping into Amazon's full potential.


Frequently asked questions

  • WAKE Amazon Agency is uniquely positioned to grow your brand on Amazon through crafted product listings, eye-catching creative & data-driven ad strategies.
  • We also offer an unmatched level of Vendor Central expertise, thanks to a team that includes former Amazon insiders. This deep well of knowledge allows us to help you navigate Vendor Central's intricacies, optimise your supply chain, and strategically position your brand for long-term success.
  • Our ideal clients are brands and manufacturers looking to scale their presence on Amazon, whether they are new to the platform or already established.
  • We have particular expertise with FMCG / CPG brands, and traditional retail brands that are struggling to manage the sudden growth they have seen since setting up their Amazon channel.
  • We have experience in a range of B2C and B2B categories, ranging from grocery all the way through to industrial supplies.  Whatever your category, the principles of strong merchandising and a solid Amazon game plan should always remain core.
  • Our core strengths (and values) relate to representing your brand in the best possible light on Amazon.  For too long, brands have settled for inappropriate, inadequate and inaccurate content on their listings.  We're here to change that with a content team firmly focused on ranking products with the most appropriate keywords and converting the most relevant customers.
  • We also have the most experience in the space when it comes to Amazon Vendor Central and are here to help Amazon Vendors overcome the everyday challenges of that channel and achieve clarity and sustainable profitability.
  • The process begins with an initial consultation to assess your needs, followed by a tailored strategy presentation and finally, service implementation.
  • Number one priority is sorting out your product listings and merchandising.
  • This is followed by implementation and execution of a tailored growth strategy that will address all aspects that can contribute to sales growth and efficient channel operations.
  • Our pricing model is tiered and flexible, based on your requirements, the complexity of your account and the number of territories you are actively selling in.
  • Channel Management services typically start from £3000 + VAT per month and include PPC management.
  • We do not charge a commission on PPC spend.
  • Our creative services include listing optimisation, optimised listing graphics, A+ content and branded storefronts and are charged on an a la carte basis.
  • The timeline for results can vary but generally, clients can expect to see noticeable improvements within 3 to 6 months.
  • New product launches will take longer than optimisations on existing high velocity listings, due the competitive nature of Amazon's marketplace and the time it takes to "rank" a listing against the competition.
  • We typically require a 3-month minimum contract to ensure adequate time for strategy implementation and results tracking.
  • Yes, we manage both Vendor Central and Seller Central accounts, offering custom solutions tailored to each platform's unique requirements.
  • Our sophistication and level of experience when it comes to Vendor Central surpasses most (if not all) service providers in the space.
  • We can run both channels side-by-side (also known as the "Hybrid" model), however, this approach is fraught with challenges so we would always present you with the most suitable setup for your business.
  • Yes, we offer support for multiple Amazon marketplaces, helping you expand your global reach.
  • We have a lot of experience with Pan-EU expansion on both Vendor Central and Seller Central (via FBA).
  • Our approach is data-driven, utilising advanced keyword research tools and A/B testing to maximise visibility and conversion rates.
  • Yes, we have a dedicated PPC team and offer comprehensive PPC management services, including campaign setup, optimisation, and ongoing monitoring.
  • We keep abreast of the rapidly changing nature of Amazon Advertising and have extensive experience with Sponsored Products, Sponsored Brands, Sponsored Display and DSP.
  • Absolutely, we're happy to provide contact details for clients who have agreed to act as references.
  • Plain Speaking & Pragmatic: We value simplicity and clarity in communication, always striving to speak in plain English to make Amazon's complex processes understandable for our clients.
  • Forward Thinking: We are proactive, staying updated with the fast-paced changes in the Amazon ecosystem to implement innovative strategies that keep us ahead of the curve.
  • Data Driven: We rely on logic and data for decision-making, underlining our commitment to objectivity and informed choices.
  • Brand Obsessed: Our clients' brand image is our top priority, and we focus on enhancing their brand portrayal, content, and merchandising on Amazon.
  • Ecommerce Natives: We've grown alongside the digital era and leverage this extensive experience to help clients capitalise on the biggest retail revolution in history.
  • Collaborative: We believe in teamwork, both within our team and with our clients, and are committed to working collaboratively to navigate Amazon's challenges and achieve success.
  • Simply click the blue button to book your free strategy session so we can start the conversation and determine the scale of your brand's Amazon opportunity.