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Amazon Listing Optimisation for Brands

Success on Amazon starts with getting your catalogue in order. Our robust optimisation process leaves no stone unturned.

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We see it time and time again; product listings on Amazon represented inaccurately, ineffectively and to the detriment of that brands carefully constructed identity and strategy. Why does this happen so often? Typically because brand owners have either lost control or not understood the significance of the Amazon channel in their product category.

Carry your brand integrity into the Amazon channel

Satisfy customers and Amazon’s algorithm with our robust optimisation of your catalogue

Our Proven Process

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We feel strongly that every Amazon project must start with the basics, and that means getting your catalogue in order. We have developed a robust and thorough process to first understand the context and background to your brand, where your range sits within the competitive landscape and then by undertaking thorough keyword research to identify the biggest opportunities in the marketplace.

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The information we gather during our research informs our high calibre copywriters and graphic designers to create stunning new listings which are accurate, relevant, engaging and beautiful. The results are always the same; increased search visibility, improved customer engagement and much higher conversion rates.

This is why this aspect of our service is the most important and is always done first. There is no point engaging in any other form of marketing on the Amazon channel without first addressing these basics.

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Improved Visibility on brand terms and keywords

Improved visibility on brand terms & target keywords

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114% Revenue increase after starting advertising

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Increased Market Share via selective placements

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Sponsored Brand & Product ad placements provide Munchy Seeds with brand dominance on their own branded searches and high opportunity keywords.

This provides a sustainable ROI that also contributes to organic growth by exposing their products to new customers.

In-house (not out-sourced) expertise

Our CEO James Wakefield developed our robust marketing processes from the ground up after realising that the significance of brand and product integrity was severely underestimated by brand owners and other agencies when it came to Amazon.

James is a strong believer that Amazon should be treated as an extension of a client’s brand, not be compromised by it. But all too often he sees the single most important touchpoint - customer facing product listings - neglected or totally ignored within the context of a brand’s “Amazon strategy”.

Product and brand representation should always come first. Take a look at your competition and ask yourself if you’re really on top of this?

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